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Rural Citizens Band Discography

Ambient albums | Drone albums | Compilations

Rural Citizens Band 2006 - 2016
image credit: Rural Michigan by ruimc77.

Things you should know

A clarification about the name. There is no "The" in front of the band's name. And there is no apostrophe in the band's name either. We (and by we I mean Ratan and all of the voices in his head) are a band made of rural citizens, we do not belong to the citizens of any rural community.

I'm looking for women interested in performing spoken word pieces over my compositions. Preferably ones you've written yourself. Interested female vocalists inquire within. Yes, eight years later, I'm still looking. [actually, I still am, just not for this project.]

For a bit of fun, look at the unused album cover gallery.

Starting with VIII, I stopped releasing an mp3 version for my releases. Due to server limitations, I only release my music in flac (despite using a Mac almost exclusively). For Mac users who want to listen to these tracks in iTunes, I highly recommend the free xACT audio converter. You can turn these flac files to ALAC or mp3 easily and quickly. I recommend ALAC, because lossless is always better.

Ambient albums

Rural Citizens Band l.p.  

Rural Citizens Band 1st LP (2007)

released: various dates throughout Jan - Aug 2007
length: 35:29
catalogue number: OSC001RCB001LP35:29
The Elizabeth Bishop l.p.  

The Elizabeth Bishop LP (2008)

released: 31st May 2008
length: 56:50
catalogue number: OSC002RCB002LP56:50
Echoes of the Neighborhood  

Echoes of the Neighborhood (2009)

released: Early 2009
length: 52:51
catalogue number: OSC003RCB003LP52:51
Starlight on the Skyline  

Starlight on the Skyline (2010)

released: 7th January 2010
length: 58:01
catalogue number: OSC004RCB004LP58:01
Era Notte  

Era Notte (2011)

released: 30 August 2011
length: 56:33
catalogue number: OSC005RCB005LP56:33
La Teodicea di Odio  

La Teodicea di Odio (2012)

released: 4 November 2012
length: 60:13
catalogue number: OSC006RCB006LP60:13
Paesaggio da Sogno  

Paesaggio da Sogno (2012)

released: Christmas 2012
length: 62:43
catalogue number: OSC007RCB007LP62:43

VIII (Jan 2013)

released: 10th January 2013
length: 79:04
catalogue number: OSC008RCB008LP79:04
city of sleeping lights  

city of sleeping lights (April 2014)

released: 4 April 2014
length: 79:44
catalogue number: OSC017RCB014LP79:44
regret is an empty garden  

regret is an empty garden (Oct 2014)

released: 27 October 2014
length: 64:19
catalogue number: OSC020RCB016LP64:19
travelogue of the 80s  

Travelogue of the 80s (July 2015)

released: 13 July 2015
length: 77:04
catalogue number: OSC028RCB023LP77:04

XXII (Aug 2015)

released: 13 August 2015
length: 79:13
catalogue number: OSC029RCB024LP79:13



Drone albums

Deeper Into Space  

Deeper Into Space (June 2013)

released: 30 June 2013
length: 159:30
catalogue number: OSC011RCB009LP159:30

stardrone (July 2013)

released: 30 July 2013
length: 79:51
catalogue number: OSC012RCB010LP79:51

sundrone (Aug 2013)

released: 30 August 2013
length: 79:53
catalogue number: OSC013RCB011LP79:53

forestdrone (Feb 2014)

released: 3 February 2014
length: 79:30
catalogue number: OSC015RCB012LP79:30

seasondrones (March 2014)

released: 3 March 2014
length: 79:28
catalogue number: OSC016RCB013LP79:28

astrodrones (July 2014)

released: 13 July 2014
length: 79:46
catalogue number: OSC019RCB015LP79:46

dreamdrone (Nov 2014)

released: 30 November 2014
length: 54:22
catalogue number: OSC021RCB017LP54:22

raildrone (Dec 2014)

released: Christmas 2014
length: 79:30
catalogue number: OSC022RCB018LP79:30

Homedrone (April 2015)

released: 13 April 2015
length: 79:45
catalogue number: OSC026RCB021LP79:45

Erosdrone (June 2015)

released: 13 June 2015
length: 75:00
catalogue number: OSC027RCB022LP75:00




best of RCB  

The Best of RCB (Jan 2015)

released: New Years 2015
length: 156:35
catalogue number: OSC023RCB019LP156:35
rest of RCB  

The Rest of RCB (Feb 2015)

released: 1 February 2015
length: 79:41
catalogue number: OSC024RCB023LP79:41
Best of the XR1300 remixes  

Best of the XR1300 Remixes (Feb 2016)

released: 13 February 2016
length: 128:37
catalogue number: OSC038RCB0025LP128:37


Legal crap

We are releasing these recordings under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. You're free to post these files on P2P, usenet, your homepage, etc. All that I ask is that you credit me  (with the name Rural Citizens Band), and leave the ID3 tags as is. Please do not change them in any way, as this is a major way I credit myself for the work.

Also, if you use these songs for animations, or whatever, please email me, I'd love to see your work! Feel free to send any other comments, suggestions, etc!


Creative Commons License
   This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.


Credit where credit is due...

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