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Travelogue of the 80s (Recorded 8 — 13 June 2015)

This album came together almost by accident. I just started recording new songs, and redid a few (really) old ones in radically different ways, and you get this! I basically tried to make every single song at or around six minutes long (with Back To the Garden being a sole exception). I didn't want anything really short or really long here, and I think six minutes is a good length for the songs included. Some might be later worked into drone tracks, but we shall see.

There is some really great stuff on here, and I'm really proud of it. Now... to get down to recording that double cd I keep putting off.


Travelogue of the 80s
back cover

waiting for the plane on a foggy runway (6:00)
13 miles to our destination (6:07)
all the lions were sleeping (6:02)
sweet pink girl (5:22)
dead end street by the pet cemetery (6:30)
distant lightning over the skyline (6:00)
beats for the road (5:45)
back to the garden (3:47)
the thighs of venus [ambient remix edit] (6:01)
oddities on the roadside (6:00)
Old Jerusalem Road Montana (6:09)
love letters from home (6:02)
Montreal in the rearview (7:24)
total time: 77:04



Released: 13 July 2015
catalogue number: OSC028RCB023LP77:04
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all the lions were sleeping — contains a sample of electric powered boat 121230_02 by klankbeeld.

sweet pink girl — contains samples of Cutbeat1 by phreakkk, fat_beat_2 by -zin- and ALB's pink hair FAQ video.

distant lightning over the skyline — contains a sample of streetlight_roadnoise by NoiseCollector.

beats for the road — contains samples of Barry White's infamous advert outtakes.

back to the garden — contains samples of R09_0032-Garden Chimes -2 by monterey2000 and Bee & Flowers by nigelcoop.

oddities on the roadside — contains a sample of disco_bitch by AmyG.

Old Jerusalem Road Montana — contains a sample of Electronic Percussion by kasa90.

love letters from home — contains samples of 110bpm 2 vars B by arseniiv and, it's been a long time by AmyG.

Montreal in the rearview — contains samples of Summerstorm_Munich5_LR by Siegmar Warnecke, far thunder suburb 150506_00 by klankbeeld and crowd terrasse by JFBSAUVE.


Travelogue of the 80s dynamic range stats

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR11		-8.36 dB 	-22.18 dB 	01 waiting for the plane on a foggy runway.aif
 DR13		-2.02 dB 	-20.91 dB 	02 13 hours to our destination.aif
 DR16		-1.65 dB 	-19.58 dB 	03 all the lions were sleeping.aif
 DR12		-3.06 dB 	-16.22 dB 	04 sweet pink girl.aif
 DR11		-2.05 dB 	-16.36 dB 	05 dead end street by the pet cemetery.aif
 DR13		-15.50 dB 	-31.32 dB 	06 distant lightning over the skyline.aif
 DR15		-1.04 dB 	-16.96 dB 	07 beats for the road.aif
 DR10		-10.33 dB 	-21.53 dB 	08 back to the garden.aif
 DR11		-6.37 dB 	-21.77 dB 	09 the thighs of venus [ambient remix edit].aif
 DR12		-0.60 dB 	-13.52 dB 	10 oddities on the roadside.aif
 DR23		-1.97 dB 	-26.40 dB 	11 old jerusalem road montana.aif
 DR13		-0.22 dB 	-16.30 dB 	12 love letters from home.aif
 DR11		-8.42 dB 	-22.26 dB 	13 Montreal in the rearview.aif

 Number of files:	13
 Official DR value:	DR13



Legal crap

We are releasing these recordings under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. You're free to post these files on P2P, usenet, your homepage, etc. All that I ask is that you credit me  (with the name Rural Citizens Band), and leave the ID3 tags as is. Please do not change them in any way, as this is a major way I credit myself for the work.

Also, if you use these songs for animations, or whatever, please email me, I'd love to see your work! Feel free to send any other comments, suggestions, etc!


Creative Commons License
Travelogue of the 80s by Rural Citizens Band is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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