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The Best of Rural Citizens Band

I've been meaning to make a page of my favorite stuff for years now. That was before I went crazy and started putting out new music about once a month. But this also gave me the chance to go back and tweak things the way I wanted to do them.

All versions here are the definitive version. Mostly, I have remixed and remastered these tracks to eliminate clipping and increase dynamic range. But other songs have new spoken word parts added, some have them removed or changed. But every song is now better than its previous incarnation. But, the old versions are still available on the respective album pages.

I should point out, I didn't include any drone tacks on this compilation because they're too long to include a second time. And I feel all of my drones are really good, so picking out one or two seemed kind of dumb. Even worse would be replicating every single one here. If you're new, Deeper Into Space is a great place to start.

Here are 26 tracks for you to peruse at your convenience. Share them with a friend. Interludes are brand new!


best of disc 1
back cover disc 1
Best of Credits
best of disc 2
back cover disc 2

Disc One:
rooms II (2014 version)
sudore (remaster)
fist (remix and remaster)
quebecois (remaster)
bendito (2014 version)
fessa (remix and remaster)
abisso (remaster)
shapes (remix and remaster)
dancing on the surface of mars (xr1300 remix)
swans II (remix and remaster)
ode II (remaster)
cell (remaster)
youth is beauty (spoken word version)
total time: 77:31

Disc Two:
freedom for planet futa (remix) [explicit]
summer (remaster)
Interlude One
rire (remix and remaster)
yuri (remix and remaster) [explicit]
Interlude Two
costellazione (remaster)
turbina (remix and remaster) [explicit]
snow (remix and remaster)
the nephilim laid low (remix)
the day star vanquished by the rising sun
Interlude Three
entspannungsübungen (remaster)
total time: 79:04

Released: 1 January 2015
catalogue number: OSC023RCB019LP156:35
See the complete artwork







rooms II (2014 version) — contains samples of "Taxi Dispatch," "Computer Room Ambience" downloaded from usenet, and cortes ferry announcement by Kristen Roos

fist (remix and remaster) — contains samples of "2004rest" by Ben Owen, "From the doorway of an abandoned house" by Ryan Philippi, "Spanish Funeral" by Simon James and "desde la ventana" by Alejo Duque + Federico Lopez.

Quebecois (remaster) — contains a sample of "2004old-m" by Ben Owen and the entirety of The Edge 102's "I Am Not Canadian" advert stolen from YouTube. Any whispering you hear is all in your head.

bendito (2014 version) — contains a sample of runaway train downloaded from usenet

abisso — contains samples of "City Skyline Ambience" (downloaded from usenet) and a portion of a 20/20 special on the Children of God

shapes (remix and remaster)— contains samples of "Cincinnati Suburb Summer" by sanus_excipio and "sinister preacher reading Revelations" by Incarnadine

Dancing on the surface of Mars contains samples of Industrial Beat by usinggarageband, Lonely Probe (still searching) by zuben, and Krakow Train Station Waiting Room-052 by vflefevre.

swans II (remix and remaster)— contains a sample of "Mexican Megaphone" (downloaded from usenet).

ode II (remaster) — contains samples of "Arlebosc Storm" by Jean Francois Cavro and "Helicopters over anti-war protest" by Aaron Ximm.

cell (remaster) — contains samples of "Street Lamp Buzz" and "Female Street Preacher Through Megaphone" both downloaded from usenet. Also contains a manipulated section from "Elvis 1974 stage banter."

youth is beauty — contains samples of loop41 by Zajo and samples of Chase from SoftlyRelax

freedom for planet futa — contains samples of Kim Drums by KatHakaku Dancing Flubber and Apocalyptic Pulse both by rjonesxlr8 (NB - this user is no longer on Freesound for some reason, sorry I don't know how to credit you now).

summer (remaster) — contains samples of "summer1" by Corsica_S and "Ambient Sub Facility" downloaded from usenet. All other sounds created by Ratan X on a Fender Telecaster guitar, with effects by GarageBand.

Interlude One — contains a sample of red percussion by John Rayson

rire (remix and remaster) — contains samples of Girls Laugh 2 by engreitz, Girl Laugh by lmbubec and Giggling French girls by acclivity

yuri (remix and remaster) — contains a sample of "crowd" downloaded from usenet. Text written by ratan. Story voice is Linda. Female "voices" unknown.

Interlude Two — contains samples of rbh thunderstorm by RHumphries and thunderstorm2 by Erdie.

turbina (remix and remaster) — contains samples of Casey Kasem's famous meltdown and Barry White cutting a promo, Tony.

snow (remix and remaster) — contains a sample of snow melting by laurent

the day star vanquished by the rising sun — contains samples of Tawny Owls 2 by Benboncan and Ghostly Whispering by qubodup

entspannungsübungen (remaster) — contains a sample of Rain on roof window distant traffic by palegolas


The Best of RCB dynamic range information

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename
 DR12		-6.32 dB 	-22.28 dB 	101 rooms II (2014 version).aif
 DR13		-6.02 dB 	-21.01 dB 	102 sudore (remaster) 1.aif
 DR12		-6.23 dB 	-19.67 dB 	103 fist (remix and remaster).aif
 DR15		-0.45 dB 	-16.53 dB 	104 Quebecois (remaster).aif
 DR14		-3.86 dB 	-19.69 dB 	105 bendito (2014 version) 1.aif
 DR17		-0.32 dB 	-19.00 dB 	106 fessa (remix and remaster).aif
 DR12		-5.56 dB 	-20.10 dB 	107 abisso (remaster).aif
 DR12		-5.38 dB 	-18.77 dB 	108 shapes (remix and remaster).aif
 DR16		-1.63 dB 	-18.02 dB 	109 dancing on the surface of mars (XR1300 remix).aif
 DR19		-1.00 dB 	-21.16 dB 	110 swans II (remix and remaster).aif
 DR15		-0.71 dB 	-17.75 dB 	111 ode II (remaster).aif
 DR14		-0.28 dB 	-17.48 dB 	112 cell (remaster).aif
 DR12		-6.36 dB 	-21.09 dB 	113 youth is beauty (spoken word version).aif
 DR14		-1.10 dB 	-16.80 dB 	201 freedom for planet futa (remix).aif
 DR11		-0.16 dB 	-14.44 dB 	202 summer (remaster).aif
 DR10		-5.16 dB 	-18.11 dB 	203 Interlude One.aif
 DR14		-11.12 dB 	-28.21 dB 	204 rire (remix and remaster).aif 
 DR13		-3.83 dB 	-19.07 dB 	205 yuri (remix and remaster).aif
 DR10		-0.74 dB 	-21.70 dB 	206 Interlude Two.aif
 DR11		-5.53 dB 	-18.25 dB 	207 costellazione (remaster).aif
 DR12		-5.79 dB 	-22.69 dB 	208 turbina (remix and remaster).aif
 DR11		-1.81 dB 	-14.25 dB 	209 snow (remix and remaster).aif
 DR14		-2.71 dB 	-19.62 dB 	210 the nephilim laid low (remix).aif
 DR16		-4.59 dB 	-23.95 dB 	211 the day star vanquished by the rising sun.aif
 DR11		-7.20 dB 	-20.93 dB 	212 Interlude Three.aif
 DR11		-4.81 dB 	-16.77 dB 	213 entspannungsübungen (remaster).aif
 Number of files:	26
 Official DR value:	DR13


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