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Best of the XR1300 Remixes

This is a compilation of previously released material. A sampling of remix albums I made last year under the XR1300 moniker. If you like this, then please download the rest of the material on that site.

For simplicity sake, I have credited Rural Citizens Band on these songs, whereas XR1300 is credited on their site. It's all me anyway, so it's no big deal.


best of xr1300 remixes cover
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sudore (6:12)+++
Quebecois (4:47)+
youth is beauty (6:52)+
summerdance (6:38)++++ [explicit]
sorellina (3:52)+++ [explicit]
Girl Cock Forever! (6:56)+ [explicit]
rire (4:41)+++
Old Jerusalem Road, MT (6:09)+
rubfuck ambient (8:00)+++++ [explicit]
rooms (13:00)+++
EntspannungTanz (20:25)++++
guardian (14:35)++++
stardance (26:32)++
total time: 128:37

Released: 13 February 2016
catalogue number: OSC038RCB0025LP128:37
See the complete artwork




+ originally appeared on Xambient — The RCB Remixes
++ originally appeared on Rose Fioriscono Di Nuovo II
+++ originally appeared on Xambient II — More RCB Remixes
++++ originally appeared on Some Old Drones
+++++ remix of rubfuckhouse by Abandoned Shorelines. Original appears on Rose Fioriscono Di Nuovo


quebecois — contains a sample of "2004old-m" by Ben Owen

youth is beauty — contains samples of loop41 by Zajo and samples of Chase from SoftlyRelax

stardance — contains samples of Scary harbour atmosphere by Kyster, Day Ambience Traffic Birds Mutted Laughter Plane by kvgarlic and epanody--heavy_sighing by epanody.

rooms remix — contains samples of "Taxi Dispatch," "Computer Room Ambience" downloaded from usenet, and cortes ferry announcement by Kristen Roos

rire remix — contains samples of Girls Laugh 2 by engreitz, Girl Laugh by lmbubec and Giggling French girls by acclivity

guardian contains a sample of Suburbs Ambient Spring Day downloaded from usenet.

entspannungtanz — contains a sample of Rain on roof window distant traffic by palegolas

Summerdance — contains samples of AC Unit by zolopher, Residential street distant traffic wet road by mzui, air conditioner by BeatsByCasper, summer night by eric5335, rain_on_a_roof by joedeshon, thunder clap by Shades, lawn mower by bsumusictech, I take a stab at myself by graveflowers and all nite long by munki


Best of the XR1300 Remixes

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename
 DR12		-0.91 dB 	-15.04 dB 	01 sudore remix.m4a
 DR14		over		-14.80 dB 	02 Quebecois remix.m4a
 DR14		-4.39 dB 	-20.81 dB 	03 youth is beauty remix.m4a
 DR13		-0.04 dB 	-15.25 dB 	04 summerdance.m4a
 DR14		-0.82 dB 	-16.23 dB 	05 sorellina remix.m4a
 DR13		-1.12 dB 	-15.98 dB 	06 Girl Cock Forever!.m4a
 DR15		-0.47 dB 	-16.84 dB 	07 rire remix.m4a
 DR15		over		-17.71 dB 	08 Old Jerusalem Road Montana Remix.m4a
 DR11		-1.00 dB 	-13.25 dB 	09 rubfuck ambient.m4a
 DR15		-0.00 dB 	-15.90 dB 	10 rooms remix.m4a
 DR14		-1.04 dB 	-15.58 dB 	11 EntspannungTanz.m4a
 DR13		-0.00 dB 	-14.00 dB 	12 guardian extended.m4a
 DR15		-2.09 dB 	-18.16 dB 	13 stardance.m4a

 Number of files:	13
 Official DR value:	DR14



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