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Sometimes I have trouble coming up with an album title, other times I have a hard time coming up with a suitable cover. This page is dedicated to that pursuit.

Starlight on the Skyline

This beautiful young woman eventually became the back cover's star. While perfect for the back cover, I thought the image was a bit too friendly and welcoming for what is a darker album. The desolation of Chernobyl was somehow more fitting than her smiling face.

unused cover


A black & white version of this image is (currently) the cover for the upcoming sixth album (currently) titled La Teodicea de Odio. This is the Paulding Light and the image is borrowed from the wikipedia page about this natural phenomenon. I'm not sure why I didn't use this. In both incarnations it's really black. Maybe too dark?

unused cover



Era Notte

I had a couple of different titles for the fifth album, which was eventually named Era Notte. This is Italian for "It was night" I thought the past tense sounded better than present tense. It's somewhat of a political statement (notice the somewhat obscured image of Dear Leader Obama).

The most charming title (by far) was Pacifistas Cristaos no Inferno, which is Portuguese for "Christian Pacifists in Hell". I believe Dante was right, that the worst parts of Hell are reserved for those who did nothing in a time of crisis. Hence the title. It was a direct "fuck you" to a certain famous Christian pacifist who really needs a bath, but in the end I changed the title because I don't want to give him more exposure than he deserves.

This cover is from an image I found on the /x/ board at 4chan. Supposedly from a Russian experimental film. As a lover of horses this is truly a Hellish scene.

unused cover



Yet another title I batted around was Sao Felix o Eremita which is the name of a Portuguese saint. I used the name for creating a few images for some reason, even though I had no desire for really using this title. Instead, you should imagine these cover saying Pacifistas Cristaos no Inferno. I'm too lazy to go back and mess with history at this late juncture.

I rejected this image for the same reason as the first image on this page. This model looks far more aloof and standoffish, but still, it's a bit too friendly for what is my darkest album (so far).

unused cover


This woman (who is Jack White's wife!) later became the image representative for the noise epic immolazione. Somehow I wish I had used this as a front cover shot. The image is alluring and dangerous. Is she inviting you into a dark room for a bit of fooly cooly? Or is she going to burn you alive? The world will never know.

unused cover


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