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The Rest of Rural Citizens Band

This is a companion piece to The Best of RCB album I released last month. This includes tracks that did not make the cut for that album (originally it was going to be a 3 CD set, but I went with this instead). Also included is "Vaffanculo" which is a binaural beats experiment that I did almost 3 years ago, but I forget the details now. I think the title of the piece is because the tones in question are supposed to induce panic and distress in the listener. I have no clue, I barely remember the concept.

"cities falling into the sea" is a new track recorded exclusively for this compilation.

All tracks have been remixed and remastered for improved sound. If the songs are too quiet, turn up the volume!


rest of rcb cover
Rest of RCB Credits
back cover

hero II (more Buddy mix) [explicit]
pescatore (remix and remaster)
inondare (instrumental remix)
hiding on Planet Yuri (ambient version)
ballando (public indecency mix) [explicit]
stupratore (2014 version)
the past is our future (remix)
calcestruzzo (thigh kiss mix) [explicit]
towards the light
obturador (helping hands mix) [explicit]
vaffanculo (previously unreleased)
cities falling into the sea (new track)
again from the beginning (remixed excerpt)
total time: 79:41

Released: 1 February 2015
catalogue number: OSC024RCB020LP79:41
See the complete artwork






hero II (remix and remaster) — contains samples of the Buddy Rich tapes.

pescatore — contains a sample of beat1 by jks

inondare (instrumental remix) — contains samples of analogue glitches by RutgerMuller, Oh My God! by MatteusNova and glitch beat by thatjeffcarter.

hiding on planet yuri (ambient version) — contains samples Bees Knees by rjonesxlr8, Cutbeat1 by phreakkk, Sugar on Top by drmistersir, and Ahhh 3 by Planetjazzbass

ballando (public indecency mix) — contains samples of Lucyfiles by MatteusNova

stupratore (2014 version) — contains samples of shuffle beat by kkz, "Ambience Country Interior" (downloaded from usenet) and a portion of "Pedophile goes nuts at reporter on Australian News"

Again from the beginning contains a sample of DrummBass_90BPM from a royalty-free package I downloaded, but forget where from, and Female moaning and breathing by Vampirella17

towards the light — contains samples of creepy1 by ERH, NightCity hum 01 130212 by klankbeeld, girlvocalizing by nayruslove, discordant voices ew54b 2 by ERH and YNDonlyHatsNEW114 by yasodanandana

vaffanculo — contains a sample of Paz purrs by heroic

cities falling into the sea — contains a sample of tg_ on windshield from inside car by Tristan


The Rest of RCB dynamic range information

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename
 DR12		-5.64 dB 	-19.35 dB 	01 hero II (more Buddy mix).m4a
 DR14		-3.71 dB 	-19.35 dB 	02 pescatore (remix and remaster).m4a
 DR11		-1.30 dB 	-13.94 dB 	03 inondare (instrumental remix).m4a
 DR13		-2.45 dB 	-18.33 dB 	04 hiding on Planet Yuri (ambient version).m4a
 DR16		-1.03 dB 	-18.94 dB 	05 ballando (public indecency mix).m4a
 DR13		-1.69 dB 	-18.31 dB 	06 stupratore (2014 version).m4a
 DR16		-0.73 dB 	-20.14 dB 	07 the past is our future (remix).m4a
 DR14		-1.92 dB 	-21.89 dB 	08 calcestruzzo (thigh kiss mix).m4a
 DR12		-4.71 dB 	-17.64 dB 	09 towards the light.m4a
 DR13		-2.23 dB 	-15.75 dB 	10 obturador (helping hands mix).m4a
 DR10		-8.19 dB 	-16.81 dB 	11 vaffanculo.m4a
 DR11		-2.23 dB 	-17.77 dB 	12 cities falling into the sea.m4a
 DR12		-4.72 dB 	-19.88 dB 	13 again from the beginning (remixed excerpt).m4a
 Number of files:	13
 Official DR value:	DR13


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