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Regret is an Empty Garden (Recorded 23 March & October 2014)

This album slowly came together throughout the year, though most of the dates are lost. I simplified them above for my own sanity. Back to the ambient side of things, and this is the first album since VIII not to feature a drone track. It's also the shortest album since Paesaggio da Sogno, but at 64:19, it's hardly a short listen.

I found it more difficult than usual to come up with a title this time around. I almost called it Still Feel Haunted, in reference to a case of unrequited love from earlier this year, but sounded too emo. For a lark I almost called it Adrienne Rich Sucks Cocks in Hell, but that would be too edgy and immature. That said, if I ever start a grindcore band, that will be what I call it.


regret is an empty garden
back cover

alone in the park (3:12) [explicit]
dreaming and raining (4:56)
bells on sunday morning (5:13)
this diseased nation (4:00)
one armed skeleton (3:35)
youth is beauty (6:51)
planet futa in love (6:56) [explicit]
a touch of warm velvet (5:26) [explicit]
13 lights in the night (3:32)
chaos at the water bar (6:18)
an uncomfortable silence (3:41)
the nephilim laid low (5:07)
death in the park (5:36)
total time: 64:19



Released: 27 October 2014
catalogue number: OSC020RCB016LP64:19
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dreaming and raining — contains samples of Rain light 1 (rural) by jmbphilmes.

one armed skeleton — contains samples of asked the dream by corsica_s and Electronic Percussion by kasa90.

youth is beauty — contains samples of loop41 by Zajo.

planet futa in love — contains samples of Kim Drums by KatHakuku

a touch of warm velvet — contains samples of passed by rv lo e by ERH, Glitch Beat 100 by patchen and drum 1 - 100bpm by jim68000.

13 lights in the night — contains samples of Hip Hop Loop by Stafbeats and hh gift2 by sorgenkind

death in the park — contains samples of 128 bpm HATS by oceanictrancer


Regret is an Empty Garden dynamic range stats

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR19		-1.30 dB 	-25.58 dB 	alone in the park.aif 
 DR12		-6.67 dB 	-22.79 dB 	dreaming and raining.aif 
 DR14		-2.88 dB 	-21.47 dB 	bells on sunday morning.aif
 DR12		-7.91 dB 	-25.31 dB 	this diseased nation.aif  
 DR11		-2.82 dB 	-22.06 dB 	one armed skeleton.aif
 DR12		-7.00 dB 	-21.27 dB 	youth is beauty.aif  
 DR12		-3.98 dB 	-18.93 dB 	planet futa in love.aif 
 DR12		-1.64 dB 	-17.69 dB 	a touch of warm velvet.aif 
 DR11		-5.03 dB 	-17.28 dB 	13 lights in the night.aif
 DR16		-2.81 dB 	-19.83 dB 	chaos at the water bar.aif
 DR12		-4.77 dB 	-18.26 dB 	an uncomfortable silence.aif
 DR14		-2.06 dB 	-19.29 dB 	the nephilim laid low.aif
 DR13		-3.86 dB 	-20.15 dB 	death in the park.aif

 Number of files:	13
 Official DR value:	DR13



Legal crap

We are releasing these recordings under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. You're free to post these files on P2P, usenet, your homepage, etc. All that I ask is that you credit me  (with the name Rural Citizens Band), and leave the ID3 tags as is. Please do not change them in any way, as this is a major way I credit myself for the work.

Also, if you use these songs for animations, or whatever, please email me, I'd love to see your work! Feel free to send any other comments, suggestions, etc!


Creative Commons License
regret is an empty garden by Rural Citizens Band is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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